The G-Stringz need your help!

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The G-Strings need your help at Clapham Fringe

"It's New Year's Eve 1999, and the G-Stringz are getting ready for the gig of their life! They need a big crowd behind them to help persuade Diamond Records this is THE band to sign. It's tonight or never!"

Well the G-Stringz need your help again, after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Burnt Lemon Theatre bring their award winning play Half Moon Shania to the Bread and Roses Theatre as part of the Clapham Fringe this coming weekend (5th, 6th and 7th of October at 5pm). With great reviews, and Best Musical awards from both Musical Theatre Review and our own Head of Steam award, this is definitely a show not to miss if you're in the London area next weekend.

Burnt Lemon do an incredible job of treading that fine line between tackling the subject of the everyday sexual harrassment of women, without making a dark and distressing play. At the same time managing to make a fun, quirky and light hearted play without trivialising the core subject matter, quite a balancing act. Yes it has its dark moments, but the sheer joy and energy of the cast keep you thoroughly entertained, whilst putting out a strong message, letting you know that even in your lightest moments, danger can be lurking in the darkess. Interestingly the show deliberately leaves a question unanswered, so you can think to yourself what would be the answer back in 1999, and contemplate what the answer would be now.

So if you're heading to the Clapham Fringe, make sure you check out this show from the Punks with the voices of angels, go and help them win that elusive contract.

They'll let you know what it means to feel like a woman.

Burnt Lemon are an exciting new theatre company with Hannah Benson (Director) and Cara Baldwin (Writer) as the creative team, along with Catherine Davies and Laura Geen joining Cara on stage as members of the Power Punk trio the G-Stringz. But this company are not a one-trick-pony, already having produced the beautiful and touching Padded, with chameleon actress Cara Baldwin giving a performance about as far away from the character she plays in Half Moon Shania as you could possibly get. Watch out in the New Year for another production Boxed which, having seen an early preview, looks to be another winner from this company.

PADDED from Burnt Lemon Theatre on Vimeo.