If you came here looking for the local bands site, that's long since been consigned to the Great Archive in the Sky, this is just my own home page now.

The Steamhead name came from many years ago when I "inheritted" a lighting rig, and went on to operate it for two bands called Steam Kiitens and Headstrong. It became known as the Steamhead rig, I got kind of attached to the name as well - starting the Steamhead music site back in 1995. Over the years I've been in many original material rock bands, Stella, Predator, Headstrong and Freakzone, the last two producing the only real recorded output.

In more recent years I was lead singer in Sack Sabbath for nearly 3 years, before having to leave due to my job making it difficult to commit to a gigging schedule. Nowadays I'm happy to fill in at rehearsals for various bands to help them rehearse while they are singerless. Though there may be something happening very soon on the live performance front, as I've started work on a new low key project.

There's a fair amount of content on here about Headstrong, but not about Freakzone. Pop over to The Adhesive Experience site to see some of Freakzone's history.

However here's some mp3 downloads of my efforts with Freakzone. Feel free to download and keep these files and play them as much as you like, but if you want to use them commercially or broadcast them, contact me first.

Lonley Inside The Coalition CD was a venture funded by Nottinghamshire County Council to help promote local bands. Each band in the Mansfield area (the 0623 area code) was given a free studio slot to record one song for this compilation CD release. Freakzone's contribution was Lonely Inside.

Don't Tell Me

Strange Obssession

Obsession was a self funded demo tape, recorded in a 24 hour marathon session at Revolver Studios in Wolverhampton. Laying down the guide and main tracks throughout the day and mixing and mastering into the wee small hours (and back out the other side).

In recent years Obsession has been reworked into a self produced CD release, also featuring Lonely Inside and Casual Suicide.

Casual Suicide

Inside Out

Take the Money and Run

Raining in Heaven

The Power of the Night

Tall Stories

The Old Meeting House Tapes isn't actually a release as such, but a collection of rehearsal room demos. It was quite a regular occurrence that once a track was "finished" we would record a rough rehearsal demo for protection against copyright. These were just air mikes to a rough mix, never meant as a high quality release, just evidence of the finished song recorded and date verified.

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